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Akindelano Legal Practitioners

Founded in 1972, ALP has established itself as one of the leading law firms in Nigeria. We engage in Corporate, Litigation & Commercial law and we have offices in 3 highly commercial cities in Nigeria – Lagos, Abuja and Ibadan. Our Lagos Office is located close to the nerve-center of the city and within easy reach of the Law courts.

Over the years, we have retained an impressive client base. Our clients range from medium-sized companies to major multi-national corporations in the public and private sectors. With more than 50 years of experience, we have drawn on a rich heritage of excellence to create a dynamic and successful Law firm.

Chief Akinwande Delano SAN flanked by Mr Oluyele Delano SAN and Mr Olayode Delano SAN

We are known to offer exceptional services to businesses in the following sectors: Energy & Natural Resources, Investment, Mining, Transportation, Real Estate, Financial Services, Construction & Infrastructure, Public, Telecommunications and Technology.

How We Do It

With more than 50 years of experience, we draw on a rich heritage of excellence to deliver a responsive and  dynamic Law firm. Your business remains at the core of our Practice, therefore our goal is to achieve a good understanding of the internal & external factors driving your business, while building an effective and professional relationship with you.

Once we are able to understand your challenges, we have found that we can then create a framework in which your issues can be handled efficiently by our dedicated Practitioners – in complete confidence. Our working practice is to provide a dedicated team to each of our clients, this team is usually comprised of at least one Partner and two Practitioners.     

We have found that this is a great way of ensuring the highest quality of service for you. In addition to its legal services, we have also built an impressive international journal called the ALP Business Review. We run an annual seminar series which deals with pertinent legal & commercial challenges facing businesses in Nigeria.

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