ALP Seminar 8

The Role of Fintech and Digital Finance in Nigeria.

About the ALP Seminar and Exhibition 2019

2018 was both interesting and busy for Fintech start-ups in Africa. The industry experienced major funding announcements, ground breaking events and new policy directions. Across Africa, over $560million was invested in tech companies in 2017.
Of the $114 million reportedly raised by technology companies in Nigeria, 75% of it went to Fintechs. Nigeria Fintechs have raised over $95million according to publicly available data. If you have been following the startup ecosystem in Nigeria, you are probably inundated with news about Fintechs and their activities on a daily basis. This media attention can be largely attributed to these major investments. As the Fintech ecosystem increases the industry will have occasion to consider it’s legal and regulatory issues. The ALP Seminar seeks to explore these elements over Three panel discussions by experts in the industry considering the following areas :



Session One

Key Trends in Cybersecurity IN Nigeria : Legal, Technical & Regulatory


Session Two

Utilizing Block-chain technology to drive business growth.

Session Three

Nigeria’s Revised National Financial Inclusion Strategy 2019 – CBN

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